PlaceLynx™ for ArcGIS

Integrated Access to Information

As decision makers today are expected to make better and ever timelier decisions, IT managers are required to make information more accessible and more usable. Integrating information technologies helps to make this possible and has become an important aspect of enterprise computing. GTI’s PlaceLynx™ for ArcGIS helps to meet the demand for better access to information by harnessing the power of ArcGIS to provide access to data in other information management systems.

Enterprises use different technologies to manage three fundamental forms of information:

PlaceLynx TABLES Database Management System
MAPS Geographic Information System
FILES Content Management System

Separate technologies have been optimized to manage these different forms of information – DBMS (database management systems) for tables, GIS (geographic information systems) for spatial data, and CMS (content management systems) for files. PlaceLynx™ for ArcGIS provides integrated access to the information users need regardless of the technology that manages it.

Spatial Index for Content

PlaceLynx™ for ArcGIS links documents and files in content management systems to map features in your GIS so that users can interact with a map to retrieve information.

Location as a Retrieval Key

A large percentage of the documents and files managed by utilities, energy companies, and government agencies describe something shown on a map. Consequently, a map driven user interface is often the most natural integration point for information of all sorts.

PlaceLynx™ brings the full power of GIS spatial processing to bear in retrieving documents from content management and database systems.