PlaceLynx™ for ArcGIS


PlaceLynx™ for ArcGIS is a product suite that interconnects ArcGIS with content/document management systems and databases.

  • easy access to documents and files that pertain to geographic features
  • very adaptable to user requirements and data
  • modular architecture facilitates a growing family of supported information systems
  • leverages GIS infrastructure as a mechanism for accessing enterprise information

GTI View


GTI View is a cost effective solution for providing enterprise wide GIS functionality.

  • As a stand-alone viewer, your users will find that GTI View makes basic GIS display and query easy while providing full cartographic display quality.
  • As a field tool, it enables users to stay in sync with updates by automatically replicating data for use away from the office.
  • As a sketch tool, it includes essential markup and map layout capabilities with the GTI View/Redlining extension.